Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jessi's a Champion (Well we already knew that)

Diana (my sister-in-law) just showed me how to upload digital videos and I'm so excited. I promise to only do short clips so they won't bore you to tears, but here is a great clip of Jessi at her game Saturday. Notice she passed it to a boy - she can't wait for next year when it's an all girls team. We hope she keeps that theory of boys (other than Josh) are yuck!

This last Saturday was monumental - I sat through my last basketball game for the year!!! It started out rough having to wake up all of the kids and have them at the gym by 9:30am on Saturday (Joaquin was working-was that an accident? I wonder . . . ) But Jessi did great and made 3 baskets! She was a bit more aggressive than I like to see my little 8 year old be but her coaches assured me that was a good thing. Donna told me she just has a streak of her Aunt Mindi in her and my Mom just laughed and said I was such a girl! But when she stole the ball from one of her best friends, Whitney, I wanted to pull her out of the game and scold her. Luckily Dennis was kind enough to work for an hour at Napa so Joaquin could watch her play and he held me back. I was proud of her (but still whisper in her ear at night how much more fun dancing would be).
Here is a cute little clip of us watching at last weeks game.

And last but not least I have to put in a few pix of Joaquin on his birthday this last Wednesday. It's safe to say I have witnessed the most cheerful, mellow man on his birthday in the last 15 years of marriage. What, you might ask, brought about this miraculous change? I only wish I knew. Joaquin has always hated birthdays. He hates that he is soooo much older than me (hee,hee), hates that he's that much farther from 29 (it used to be 19 but now that Quinn's 11 - that's just weird), and hates when I make a big deal about it. So this year I let him plan it and kept my schedule open. He took the day off work, went to "Watch Dogs" with Quinn at school, took me out to dinner & shopping, and finished off the day unwrapping little presents the kids got him while enjoying strawberry cheesecake. I mean look at that smile - What a hunk!And to think he's only 29 (love you honey).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Halle's Cousin Zoe is here!

Since Jesalee won't join the blogging world I had to post some cute pix we just took today of Zoe Lee Smith.  I think she looks like Ty - minus the dimples - so cute.  She was born yesterday, Feb. 9th and weighed in at 8 lbs. 5oz.  Don't you think these two are bound to have a love/hate relationship just like their older sisters Shelby & Jade?  Secretly - who am I kidding - openly, Jesalee & I are praying a few of these girls will be dancers.  Doesn't it seem right to enjoy a few of the performing arts along with the hundreds of basket ball games I've already sat through?!
I just had to throw in this last picture of our tough boy.  He & the girls have loved sledding on the golf course this year.  The only problem this last week it has been a little warmer with no new snow - that means ice.  He went off a bump and skidded on his face, ouch.  Joaquin keeps telling him it looks cool.

Halle's Beautimus Blessing Day

It was a wonderful Blessing Day this past Sunday.  We had family members that were missed because they were sick (get better soon Mom & Amanda), family that drove clear from Washington (love you Em!), and one sister-in-law who really didn't want to be there (Jesalee was 9+ months pregnant wishing to be in the hospital).  All in all we had around 50 family & friends come visit this delightful girl.  Some of the highlights of her blessing were the desire to study and learn the truth of the gospel, to watch and follow the examples of her older brother and sisters, and to be a good example herself - standing firm in her faith (yahoo!). 
As you can tell Halle was entirely dolled up for her big day.  My amazing Mother-in-Law, Donna crocheted this perfect dress, made her beaded socks, and a matching pearl bracelet. My Mom offered to crochet a matching bonnet & booties - What an heirloom!  I have a little dress & booties for each of my girls that I love just knowing the hours both of my Moms spent on them.  (I tried to get Donna to crochet a suit for Josh but Joaquin put his foot down on that one-sorry buddy).
In his testimony Joaquin let everyone know he was wearing his suit coat especially for his wife -what can I say, I've got him whipped.
Wow, we actually got them all in one picture!
I don't know if you can really see, but the 2 men being a tad bit dorky are . . . you guessed it Kade showing off his guns, and Joaquin showing off his gut.  Donna were they raised in a barn?!?!  Oh, that's right - a farm - close enough.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Josh wants to know, "Is it Valentine's Day Yet?"

Isn't she just beautimus?  She's been an angel for the last 2 nights.  She fell asleep around 11 pm and only woke up once at 5 am!  After 2 months of sleeping only 3 hours at a time, having 6 straight hours feel like such a treat.  I was giddy enough to take Halle with me to do the "3 month supply" stock up at Winco today.  She did so well until check out, of course.  I haven't been to Winco in so long that I forget you have to bag your own groceries - Amanda could you put a word into your Grampa that new mothers deserve a bagger?  Luckily I had a really nice cashier who kept trying to put her binki back in while I bagged the monstrous pile of groceries. 
Look at that tummy! 
I had to show you my cute craft man in action.  We subscribe to my favorite "Family Fun" magazine which always has great ideas.  This months issue had these cute tractor valentines that Josh has been begging to do.  Even though it's only Feb. 3 I decided to buy all the cute candy since I was at Winco.  They turned out perfect and now all we have to do is figure out a place to hide them for the next week and a half - Especially with all the visitors coming for Halle's blessing & Superbowl "Snack" Sunday.