Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween & ISU Football Game

Can I say how nice it's been to have a few normal weeks?  I forgot to post this fun Halloween Pix.  This year they were in to face paint.  Quinn was a beautiful vampire, Jessi a goddess, Josh a ninja (again - he just loves that costume), Shelby a mermaid, & Halle a tiger (and yes those are bare feet - it was just awesome weather this year!)
We did have one blissful day of snow - Josh & Shelby used almost everything on the lawn to make this elephant (not sure why an elephant but it was cute)
 This last weekend we decided to take the 4 older kids to the last ISU home football game.  We have lived in Am. Falls now for 12 years and never been - how pathetic.  After the first quarter though, we didn't feel so bad.  The poor Bengal Tigers lost 42-10.
 Jessi & I enjoyed the half time show the best.  Our friend who works at NAPA ( Cassidy Kendell) is a Bengal Dancer & she was amazing!
 It's a little fuzzy but still fun to be in a picture every now & then.
 You can see how into the game Shelby was.  Her favorite part was the concessions.
 Josh showing how his big muscles could have helped the game.
 We caught Quinn reading a book - she wants so bad to be like her cousin Mallory who we never see without a book in hand.  I should mention we love Grandma Donna who kept Halle for us so she wouldn't have to suffer through it!