Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ok, I have to tell this funny story about my Halloween Costume yesterday. My sister gave me this cute idea of being a "Cereal Killer" with Cereal boxes stabbed with knives (I added the "mullet" wig for fun). I wore it to Jessi's Halloween party yesterday and all the teachers laughed, except one. She commented that I really shouldn't have knives at school - no tolerance policy you know - woops. I just laughed, it honestly hadn't even occurred to me. So if I'm asked to step down as the PTO President this year, you'll all know why. I'm a total slacker parent.

2008 Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Steadman's was just a blast to start with. We had a "Candy Cannon" that shot little rubber balls 75' high then dropped all over the lawn. One couple from each team had to find their teams "balls" - Go the "Green Goblins." We also had a Water Balloon toss with a twist, the balloons were filled with jello. We were disappointed that none of the wives just all out threw it at their husbands, Jesalee & I thought maybe someone would get out their aggression, hee hee.

We had each team bring a 2 Liter Bottle of Pop decorated with their teams colors. Then we shook them up as hard as we could and gave them all marbles & a sling shot. The last one standing won. We thought for sure the "Yellow Stingers" would win because they brought Lemonade - no carbonation - but they fell before the Mighty Purple Predators.

We all survived this year's party, no broken bones or cars this year - yahoo. And to be honest this was the best year for me. I finally jumped off my high horse and decided to ask for help. Jesalee did everything from proofing clues to hiding them with me. And if you ask any of the participants - we didn't have a single clue that was "unsolvable." It helps so much having extra eyes to double check everything.

This is me on the 500' zip line. Wow! It looks really scary when you climb up, but it was pretty slow. Just my style!

Here's our Grand Champions "Orange Crush." Aren't they hot? I'll have you know they provided the t-shirts, that's why they won I'm sure.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

All Time Halloween Winners

In our house Halloween is a bit over done. I seriously love Halloween enough that I would almost say it's my favorite, except I feel a little guilty not acknowledging the birth of the Savior first. But every year I happily throw together an Amazing Race/Survivor Challenge. I absolutely love it. I think about it all year when I see a good riddle or a fun spot for a clue. It's really sick I know. But here are the past winners for anyone who's interested in their competition.

The Orange Menacing Monsters (2005)

Jennifer & Shane Tilley, Dana & Bart Brown, Deena & Kurtis Ostler (sorry, it's before I owned a digital camera)

The Scar-Faced Scarlet Scoundrels (2006)

The Rough & Tough Rosie Renegades (2007)

And who will be the winner this year? I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quinn's 10th Birthday

Quinn had a great party as well. Her Birthday was yesterday, the 17th of October. She decided to have a manicure/pedicure, pizza, & movie party after school. One of her best friends is Logan, who is a boy, and it about killed her to not invite him. But I tried to tell her that he wouldn't like the manicure/pedicure part. I painted toe nails & finger nails, Dana surprised us by bringing Chelsea & Avery-yahoo, and Josh's Escalade was yet again the hit of the party. I've noticed they are all growing up because they inhaled; 6 apples with caramel, 1 cake, cupcakes, popcorn, 2 large pizzas, & ice cream. I hope they don't have tummy aches.

Josh's 4th Spiderman Birthday

Josh had a great birthday this year. Of course we had a Spiderman cake - that was a must according to him. But he also got friends to come over & enjoy a campfire. How can it get better that this?