Monday, July 25, 2011

Anyone interested in our Rental?

 We are hoping to Sell (or Rent) our house on 193 Howard St.  If you know anyone who is interested would you let me know?  Here are some pix with the basic info.  Thanks everyone!

 View from the back
 View from just inside the front door.  The entire house has been repainted inside (thank you Donna!)
 This is a full bath (I just couldn't squeeze it in the picture)
 One of the 2 bedrooms on the main floor.  Both bedrooms have new paint & new carpet
 The other room on the main floor
 The finished room in the basement (wasn't as clean as I'd hoped but I didn't give them any warning before I showed up to take pix!)
 The unfinished basement where the washer & drier are.  There is also a little food storage room & an unfinished bedroom on the right hand side.
 View of the kitchen coming up from the basement.
 Another view of the kitchen.
View from off the front porch.   We are asking $114,900 - or if someone would like to rent we are asking $650 + utilities.  Just thought I'd put the word out to my friends!  Thanks you guys.