Friday, March 2, 2012

What these Smith's do in the Winter

It's been a great ski season even if it's been on man made snow - we're pretty easy to please.  Jessi & Josh got talked into snow boarding this year.  They still haven't decided if they like it better but they definitely feel cooler.


Quinn, Jessi, & Josh                                                 Jessi showing off her new skills

 I taught Shelby how to ski this year and loved having her hang out with the "big kids."  She learned in the morning & was beating us down the hill by the afternoon.  Not a big surprise since she still can't hold still for longer than a minute.

Here's Joaquin waving at his adoring fans.  Quinn is still like her Mama & loves to ski.  This year she tried her first black diamond run - wow!  She continues to tell me she only ski's because it's better than school or staying home but she would rather be swimming & warm (maybe she's got some Aunt Jesalee in her too).

 Kade & Jesalee went with us on a Sun Valley weekend.  We all felt like novices as we could barely do the "easy" runs.  There was just so much more mountain than our local Pebble Creek.  But we laughed lots, soaked in the giant hot tub, & enjoyed the warm gondola lifts.  Jesalee & I's only complaint was that the lifts were too fast, not enough re-coop time for our tired muscles.
We have had to kiss & love on our sweet Halle a lot as we haven't been able to take her with us.

 The BYU Ballroom Dance Company came & performed in Blackfoot.  I took Jessi & met up with my sister Dana & her daughters.  It was just incredible to watch.  They still have the same directors as when I was on the team & a lot of the show is still set up the same way.  I loved an "East Coast Swing" routine while all the girls loved a black light "Pac Man."  We met up & snapped a few pictures with some of the dancers after the show.
 And here we are again skiing again - this is a shot with Quinn & friends in the Lodge at Pebble. 

One Wednesday I got brave & took the kids skiing without Joaquin.  We had a blast until Shelby & Josh decided they were good enough to go up the "big hill."  This is a pix of them on the top of the hill so they could prove to their Dad they did it.  There is a cat track run that just zigzags all the way down the mountain but it proved to be much more than we could handle. After an ENTIRE hour trying to make it to the bottom Shelby was in tears, Josh's legs were shaking, & I was just trying to hold it together.   

 My 2 handsome snow boarders.
I love it when they smile so big you can't see their eyes.  We figured since we live in Idaho - might as well teach them to love the snow.
 Lots of times I speed ahead to take pix of the family going over jumps but it's hard to get the timing just right.  Josh was looking at this pix of himself & said, "Mom you missed when I was in the air again!"  I tried not to laugh too much as it would hurt his ego to know it's almost impossible to catch him "in the air" at all.  He's pretty sure he's the next Shaun White.
Joaquin's Birthday was on February 24th and can you guess what he wanted to do?  Take the WHOLE family skiing.  No more leaving Halle at home with Grandma.  We stocked up on hot cocoa, snacks, & coloring books to keep Halle & Mom happy in the lodge.
 Jessi, Josh, Shelby, & Halle were sledding a little off & on during the day.
Here's Quinn taking a turn watching the sleeping Halle while Mom skied a few runs.
 Halle & I would walk around & snap pix of everyone skiing/boarding.  Here is Joaquin & Quinn.
 Joaquin, Quinn, Jessi, & I go lift weights at the Napa store a few early mornings a week.  Josh begged to come with us one morning and could barely bench the 8 lb. dumbbells so we bought a few little ones that the kids just love.

 No Relief Society arms on that boy is there?