Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My last April Entry

We got to babysit Kade & Jesalee's kids for a few days while they went to a warm, vacation called the Domincan Republic. The high points were that Ty just loved Josh & followed him around everywhere. Josh in turn wanted to feed him, sleep with him, and play with him all day. The low point was that I had to drag them all to Dr. Timmons on Wednesday because Quinn had strep throat, Josh & Shelby had ear infections, and Jade & Ty were already on antibiotics for ear infections. So 5 out of the 6 kids had to be drugged every day. Plus Jessi just cried because she couldn't stay home with everyone, and Quinn cried because she missed school. Go figure.
We tried to do what the prophet asked us by starting a garden. We let the kids plant carrots, tomatoes, watermelons, and peas in little starter kit. Wish us luck!
Last but not least I took this picture last night to brag on my husband. He might hate wearing white shirts to church, he might think all men that dance are gay, he might cringe every time I say "Let's go visit my family," and might throw a tantrum every time I mention that I'm leaving the house over night, BUT he is the best Dad in the entire world to our kids. Every night he'll tease, tackle, and get everyone involved in bedtime. This picture is of him "tucking in" Shelby & Josh. How cute is he?
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More April News

Do you think Josh likes his superhero kite? It was the perfect kite flying weather for most of April - windy.
We love to have multiple Easter egg hunts in our house. The Easter Bunny hides all the candy filled plastic eggs in the house then we hide & find the real eggs in the yard about half a dozen times on Easter.
Believe it or not I got in front of the camera, it doesn't happen very often.
I just loved this picture! "Josh, don't touch those eggs! They're mine!!!!!" Every year, whoever is the youngest in our family has major trauma on Easter. We've tried having an older & younger kids Easter egg hunt, we've even tried one half of the yard for the older & another half for the younger, but after Shelby I just gave up. Quinn screamed when she was 2 and had to share eggs with her cousins, Jessi cried when she was 2 and had to share with Quinn, Josh cried when he was 2 because he couldn't outrun the girls, and Shelby (who is shockingly 2) just plain screamed at Josh. Do you see a pattern here? Sharing is something that my children have to be taught - over and over and over and over again. And of course, I've realized that it is a rite of passage to cry though Easter when you're 2.
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My April Catch Up Entry

It's been a pretty busy month, what with Teacher Appreciation & Art Mom for the PTO, Stake Leadership meeting for being the Primary Chorister, Activity Days (which is my other calling), filing our personal taxes, doing all of Napa's taxes, payroll, & bills, studying & attending my Finance Class at ISU (only 2 classes left!), and all of these fun pictures too. Wow, that makes me feel better - I should make a list more often. As you can tell from above we were able to have McKenna, Chelsea, & Avery over conference weekend. We all love those girls.
Dyeing Easter eggs was Shelby's favorite thing (you couldn't tell from the picture could you?). I let her & Josh dye a dozen eggs before Quinn & Jessi got home and they had dyed, dropped - and consequently cracked, then peeled, and were ready for more before the girls came home.
We had our first backyard campfire this year. It brought back all those wonderful campfire memories. When we were poor college students camping was our cheap date. We would go camping every chance we got in the summer. Even with all our beautiful children we still try to go on a big family camping trip once a year (we put in this fire pit so we could pretend to be camping every weekend - actually camping is a lot harder now that there are six of us to pack for)
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hot Hot HOT TUB!

We got a hot tub! We were lucky enough to get a used hot tub that has been constant entertainment for our family. Kade & Jesalee, Dennis & Donna, and us all bought it together then we put it in Donna's fenced in backyard. We have always loved Lava Hot Springs, so we figured this is a little bit cheaper in the long run. Jesalee was a good sport & sat with the 4 youngest Smith's the first time.

I can't really tell if they're having fun, what do you think?
The only negative, I can't keep clothes on my children now. Josh will wake up and put on his swim trunks or just walk around in his briefs. Great. Jade used to hate clothes a baby (and to be honest, still would choose to be naked- hmm what goes on in her house?!?) so now she loves to come over and strip down with all my children. I figure it's 71 degrees in the house, so I'm all for less laundry.
We were pretty excited to have Kami & Cooper visit us right after we got the hot tub. They would have loved to stay in it all day but I was getting frost bite standing around in my coat. It sounds fun to get in with them, that is until you have to get out and then get each of them out in 30 degree weather. Joaquin & I have just been enjoying the late night dips once the children are in bed. Shockingly I haven't got any pictures of that, sorry to disappoint.
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