Monday, January 26, 2009

We had a great time last week babysitting Wyatt & Kaylee Hunt for a day. We fiddled around with play dough, played house, and built forts together. I had to post the picture I took of Josh & Kaylee (he was just so happy they came he picked her right up). Wyatt & Kaylee wanted to look like their Dad (Jon's always got a goatie) only the color is a little off.
If you will also notice Josh's creation. He is one crafty boy. When he wakes up in the morning he knows exactly what he wants to do that day. He'll say things like, "Let's make a noise maker, I'll get the beans." Or he'll decide to make bracelets (for the girls of course), puppets, macaroni necklaces, etc.
Well as you can tell from the picture this day he wanted to make a mosaic feeding plate for birds -I'm sure that was your first guess when you saw the picture (he found the idea in an children's art book I have). It was supposed to be made with a real plate and mini tiles & then painted to seal it - yeah, that's just a little too much work for this mother. So we improvised with scrapbook paper, a paper plate, and glue. It's now sitting on a plate holder in the kitchen - he is so proud of it.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Basketball Babes

Quinn had a great time on her "all girl" team this weekend. She couldn't wait to actually touch the ball this year seeing as all the boys were on their own team. Go Girl Power!
Do you like her jeans? Tiffani & I just chatted the night before how we need to let our children dress themselves and not be picky about what they choose. So when Jessi came down for her game in jeans I said to myself, "She's only 7 - let her wear whatever she wants." I showed up at the game & Tiffani says,"What's up with the jeans?" I told her that I was playing it cool and letting Jessi pick her clothes. Tiffani (being the college sports guru) says while laughing, "I would have made her changed." Believe it or not - we both agreed by the end of the game that it hadn't mattered because she only touched the ball twice I think. Here's a great shot of one of those two times. Next game I'll let her wear snow pants if she wants!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Collage

This was one of my favorite pictures of Christmas Day because Jessi got Josh & Shelby dressed and with the help of Dad, dug out this awesome fort where they had multiple picnics in. We thought it was pretty awesome!
Joaquin was "surprised" with Guitar Hero World Tour for the WII, although he swears it was a gift for the whole family.
It was easy to tell which toy Shelby loved. We used to have lots of bath toys when Quinn was little, but as they were lost or thrown out I've never replaced them. So after suffering through the first 2 years of life using only my measuring cups & spoons, Shelby felt like she had died and gone to heaven with these slides, squirting animals, & strainers.
Josh couldn't wait to use the sleds that Dad got from Santa - the transformers he received should have gone to Dad - we think they're for ages 30 & up!
Jessi instantly loved her "High School Musical" jammies, but when we went to cousin Jayda's for New Year's & she had the same ones, WOW! She is sooo happy!
Along with the pet hermit crabs, Quinn absolutely loved receiving Season 1 & 2 of Eureka (it's about a quirky town with a down to earth Sheriff - we all love to laugh through it).