Sunday, April 3, 2011

Washington DC

I'm still amazed we actually went - how cool is that?!?  My sweet Mom volunteered to watch our kids so that Joaquin & I could take a trip.  Our good friends Casidy & Brinton Robison let us tag along with them as they showed us the sights & let us stay at their apartment (you'll see a pix of them down farther)
 The first night we saw all the monuments at night, just amazing.  Lincoln was the fave.
Here's the "Idaho" part of the WWII memorial
We were hoping DC would be a little warmer but not so much.  Joaquin mocked me when I packed my winter coat.  This first night I tried to be tough with my little jacket but after freezing I wore my mittens & scarf the rest of the trip.
Here's the reason why we got to be there.  Brinton is studying at George Washington - we're glad to have smart friends.
 The Capital was so amazing.  We were the geeky tourists with head sets on.
 Notice the scarf & mittens?
 Arlington was humbling - just the best word to describe it.
 Is that us kissing?  See what happens when you take me out to dinner every night for a week - I have a whole lot less work & more time to play.
 This Monet was one of my favorites at the National Gallery of Art.  I felt like a total prude though because I just hated seeing naked women everywhere.  Degas sculpted & painted tons of ballerinas, which you would think I would love.  PUT SOME CLOTHES ON and maybe.  Casidy & I were laughing when we walked by a beautiful sculpture entitled "The Reading Girl" by Magni.  Upon closer inspection her right breast is hanging out.  Do any of you read books with half your clothes on?  Joaquin said, well dah - the artists are all men.
 The Air & Space Museum was pretty cool.  Joaquin & I thought the virtual Space Station was fun to walk through.
Mount Vernon was George Washington's home back in the 1790's.  It was just amazingly maintained. 
Just chillin' on the back porch looking over the Potomac River
 These cool looking "breeze ways" connected main house to the kitchen & servants quarters.
 Had to visit the temple!
 "The Awakening" was just a great photo op.
 An entire store of "Peeps."  Mindy & Kristin I know are just drooling right now - they just loooove peeps.
 Went through the International Spy Museum.  Saw hidden camera's in rings, umbrellas, & purses that were issued by CIA & FBI years ago.  Spy manuals, door picks, disguises - it was actually kind of disturbing to be honest.  If they had those things years ago, what do they have now????
 The Natural History Museum would have been one the kids would love!
 Just loved that we went the week before the annual "Cherry Blossom" Festival.  The trees were all in bloom without the mass numbers of people.  It was just beautiful!

Last few note were from my Mom, bless her.  One day she was taking Shelby, Josh, & Halle to Costco.  Shockingly Josh & Shelby were fighting on the way over.  

Mom:  Shelby if you'll be kind I'll let you pick something out at Costco.
Shelby:  I want to be naughty, I don't want anything.

Mom:  Shelby honey, get down off the counter.
Shelby:  It's not your house Grandma.

Thank you, thank you for laughing & not beating the children!