Tuesday, May 29, 2012

April & May News

 This April & May have been so crazy happy busy that I haven't sat down to blog them yet.  So here's a quick review.
 Women's Conference - it changes my view on life every time I go.  This year's lessons:
1.  My children are my best investment.  Don't think of them as "taking" time but what God's given me time for.  (A great lesson to remember before the back to back field trips in May)
2.  People are more important than paperwork - especially Joaquin.  Sounds basic but hard to remember when I just have this one more bill to pay . . . 
3.  Be excited to build a new home - it's not just one more thing to do.  It's what we've saved & dreamed of for 15+ years.  

Joaquin & I were so happy to spend a few days together in San Diego, CA with the NAPA 5 Star program.  We loved visiting Mission Beach, Balboa Park, & eating dinner/touring the USS Midway. 
 We had fun dropping by Shoshone Falls with the kids on day.  I haven't been there since before Quinn was born - wow!  So beautiful and only an hour away.
 So here's the start of our field trips.  I really did enjoy them this year, I'm not sure if it was from the new insight I received at Women's Conference or the fact that I only had Halle to tote with me.  Maybe a little of both.
 Fish Hatchery with Josh highlight?  He found inch worms that every boy in the 1st grade envied.
 Ross Park Zoo with Shelby?  There is a big brown bear right behind them that was pretty cool but Shelby & Halle loved the treehouse.  We really are going to have to build another one.

 Jessi had a great AR Water Party we loved visiting.  She the massive slip n slide.
This was after the Hillcrest Elementary Reading Celebration.  Halle had waited 2 long hours before she got a turn on the jumping house, but oh was it worth the wait!

 I had a home builder we are thinking of using encourage me to get on Pinterest & start "pinning" pix I like of kitchens, bathrooms, windows, etc.  Well gee, ok.  Here were some other great ideas I've used - the cool messy bun & hair twist and teacher appreciation presents (rolo's with a hershey kiss)

 It's official, my sister Lisa & her family came with us to the Monster Truck Show this year and she said I was the nicest Mom in the whole world to have endured this not just once but twice!!!  Josh & Joaquin just loved all of it but the rest of us love about the first hour is all (it lasts for almost 4).
 Shelby was the best singer in her Kindergarten Program - we could distinctly hear her voice above the others :)  My favorite part was when she would tilt her head shyly after each song & courtesy like she was thinking, "All this clapping just for me?  Thank you!"
 Quinn did a fabulous job at her piano recital.  She played "Evening at the Symphony."
 Last but not least, we adopted a baby rabbit for a week.  Our neighborhood has about a dozen wild ones that run around.  Grandma Donna caught one & surprisingly didn't want to keep it.  So like every animal we've ever owned, talked us into it.  Luckily the kids got so tired of cleaning up poop from all over the house (and I mean all over) that we relocated it to a farm.  Ahhh.