Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What we're up to for Spring Break

Josh is up to "big kid" movies.  No more cartoons (unless they're Spiderman, Batman, or another Superhero - I mean even Dad still likes those).  So Shelby hasn't seen Barbie in a while, sob, sob.
 Lots of hot tubbin!  We just had Halle try the hot tub and she loved it too.  We're excited to try her out at one of our favorite hot spots, Lava Hot Springs.
 Slumber Parties - Yahoo.  Quinn invited our new neighbor, Sam, and Saige over to watch "New Moon."  They partied til midnight eating brownies, ice cream, & popcorn.  They ended the party in the morning making those little beeded patterns you iron together.  Quinn said it was the best party ever!
This last pix was taken just this morning, my 2 blue eyed babes.  They mostly like having their older siblings home for spring break.  Halle gets held a lot more often, Shelby gets more play mates, and even though Mom ends up working harder - even Mom loves having them all home together.    

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Days even at NAPA

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here in American Falls.  I haven't been sleeping a whole lot and luckily my husband loves (ok that might be a stretch) having the kids come visit him at NAPA.  When it's been a rough night Joaquin will take Josh & Shelby into Napa for a few hours to help me out.  This particular Saturday was great fun because Jesalee came in with Jade, Ty, & Zoe.  Uncle Lane was visiting so he could work on the Model T with Grampa.  Next thing we know Shelby & Jade had got their tools and were under the car helping.  (Josh & Ty were racing around the store on bikes).
On a sweet note, Quinn has made little posters (with Grandma's help) she wants to put up around the neighborhood asking if anyone has seen "Prince."  This is Lily she's holding. Regardless of who is asked to say the family prayer they always ask for Prince to come home or be happy where he is - it took weeks to get them to add the last part.
Another fun thing we did this month was watch Zoe be blessed.  It ended up being such a fun day for me.  Joaquin encouraged me to attend only Jesalee's ward instead of trying to do both.  I always try to listen to Joaquin (especially when I agree) so I got to sleep in, get only 3 children ready (Quinn & Jessi had a slumber party over at the Lankfords and met us at church), then sit with my husband all through sacrament meeting - YAHOO. 
This last pix is of Josh holding Halle, now 3 months old.  Joaquin, Halle, & I were able to go down to Las Vegas, Nevada last week for a NAPA Owner's Conference.  I had the best time of all hanging out in a beautiful room at The Venetian, reading 2 great books (Direct Red-a fascinating & bluntly honest story of a female surgeon's training & Leven Thumbs - the fun conclusion in a Fantasy series of 5 books), taking bubble bathes, and just relaxing with Halle.  The conference fed us breakfast, lunch, & dinner every day so we splurged the last night and ordered $50 worth of room service & bought a movie to watch - it was great!