Thursday, November 10, 2011

Haunted Halloween Bash

This year's annual Halloween Party was a bit crazier than usual.  What can you say when you get this many fun people together with guns, zip lines, & food?  Party!  Luckily Kade & Jesalee helped us plan again - so we could anticipate all the ways people could cheat (what can I say - they've got a gift)
 Here's our "Blue Man Group" Kurtis & Deena, Brian & Jami, Hank & Ashlee, Todd & Deborah.
 The "Red Devils" included Lane & Kim, Kirk & Robyn, Matt & Emily.
 The "Green Eye'd Peas/Monsters" were Brian & Dana, John & Kyndra, Steve & Kayla.
As promised we had a very memorable ride from Lava Hot Springs to the Lava Zipline.
I can't figure out why everyone dressed so funny - I guess they wanted to.  Alright, so I awarded points to those willing to embarrass themselves for our enjoyment.  Don't they look fantastic?  I especially loved Kirk's full head of hair.
 We loved the Zipline Adventures - so worth the money & time!  Below in the big hat is Milan (owner) who wasn't afraid to ham it up with us.
 We warmed up with a tug of war to determine which group got to zipline first. 
Then why they were getting their harnesses on we . . . 
 did a few "Minute to Win it" challenges.  Dana & Brian doing a little "Hanky Panky" trying to empty a Kleenex box.
 Kirk & Robyn doing my favorite challenge "Mad Dog."  We attached 2 tic tac containers to paint sticks & they have to shake them all out.

 Todd & Deborah got cold feet doing the "Hanky Panky" with everyone watching.
 Matt & Emily attempting the "Nut Stacker." 
Bonnie & Clyde (aka Kayla & Steve) were fierce competitors!
Here's Kyndra & John attempting the "Dizzy Mummy" where you wrap your partner in an entire roll of toilet paper without breaking it. I love Kyndra's die hard expression and Kurtis' shirt.  Priceless.
Ok this was just plain mean but we gave bonus points to whoever would hold a night crawler in their mouth for 20 seconds.  Then someone asked if they could have double the points if they swallowed it - sure!  I have a great video but couldn't get it to load, sorry.  Come over some time & you can laugh with me.
Here's Jami (I think) playing "Suck it up."  Had to suck up an M&M with a straw & move it to another caldron.
 Kyndra & John are looking pretty hot.  We couldn't get John to take his teeth out all night, wait a minute - maybe those are his real teeth!
 My favorite part about this years party?  That we got to participate!  We ziplined, visited, & laughed with everybody instead of just hearing about it after.  Yahoo.
I'm not really sure who all of these people are but it was quite a rush.  We each got to go 5 times trying to make whatever crazy pose we could.  We even gave each player a water balloon & had them try to hit our life size Napa guy poster.
This last one was just for fun.  Dana & I rode together.  The guy who caught us at the end said, "This is the best part of my day.  2 gorgeous women coming at me at 30 mph."  Was he working for a tip?
This was the hardest I laughed all night.  Brian was pulling with all his might while John laughed like a girl (sorry man, but you did) and everyone behind just tried to lift their leg at the same time.  Oh it was awesome.
Teams had to use their sharp shooting skills with their BB guns to destroy their team's clay pigeons. 
Our finale was each team collecting items from each challenge to assemble a sling shot where they tested it out with eggs.  The "Red Devils" dominated this one & were our amazing winners this year.  We ended the night by soaking in the Lava Hot Springs - Ahhh.  Thanks friends - it was great fun!

Get ready - teenager in the house!

Although it was no surprise (she's been asking for a phone for months now) we finally granted her biggest wish and bought a cell phone for Quinn's 13th birthday (Oct. 17th).  I thought she would be elated & maybe even weep for joy but no . . . instead she said, "Mom, this is like a cheap phone.  I wanted one like yours."  Joaquin & I laughed heartily and told her she starts with inexpensive (not cheap right?) and if she can prove she's trust worthy - then upgrade.  Shockingly she's already "misplaced" it once in a friends car. 
 Quinn let me off the hook this year & just wanted to order her favorite kind of cake from Costco - Yahoo for me!  The lady who took the order chuckled as she wrote down orange pumpkin balloons.  Whatever makes my girl happy.
 Jade & Shelby were all too happy to help unwrap presents.
Technically the Lankfords have been to enough of our birthday parties, vacations, & outings to be called family.  But it's official now as Whitney suffered a "Whitney sandwich" by the Smith brothers.
 Jessi has become our ham jumping in every pix lately, you can see the joy on Quinn's face can't you?  Here was one of my favorite presents - the Scripture Hero Posters.  I remember the "Mormon Ads" adorning my walls growing up & these are even better.  Quinn has them up all over her room now as well.  Awwww. . .