Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pregnancy Perks

Last week I taught a lesson to my Beehives about the importance of being positive.  I truly believes it makes for a happier life if you can just find the bright side to everything - and I mean everything.  So over the last 2 weeks I've been jotting down things I love about being pregnant.  Mostly because I'm 8 months pregnant, all my "big" clothes are tight, I can't bend over without a contraction, my legs hurt . . .  sorry, there I go again.  Anyway, I needed to remind myself there are good things and also because it's been a long pregnancy with more tears than I'd like to admit.  So here it goes,
Sarah's Top Ten Reasons I Love Being Pregnant:
  1. No Acne.  That might not be an issue for some, but I have had acne since the age 14.  The only time I have beautiful skin is while I'm pregnant.  I haven't popped a zit in months and it's been heaven!
  2. Being able to say "No" without an ounce of guilt.  I have always been a pleaser and use to say yes to everything.  I still laugh when I think back to a conversation I had with my sister-in-laws a few years ago when they tried to get me to say no.  At the time I had been diagnosed with "Grave's Disease" which sounds horrible but really is just an overactive thyroid.  Mindi, laughing almost through tears kept demanding, "Say it with me Sarah:  NO, I have a disease, NO, I have a disease."  She & Kristin supposedly have no trouble saying no - uh huh.  What can I say, they're lovable hypocrites.
  3. Wearing stretchy pants all day.  Granted this month the stretch is pretty much gone, but for 5 blissful months I haven't had to suck in once.  
  4. Absolutely no desire to shop for clothes.  I don't know if it's just me but when I'm not pregnant I'm always looking for a great deal.  I love clearance racks (which Joaquin is hoping to break me of someday).  I walk through shops and feel like I need to find cheap clothes that I won't feel guilty for buying but that look better than my old stuff.  When I'm pregnant though - I know everything looks better than what I'm wearing and honestly don't care.  Yahoo.
  5. Warm feet.  Every night I used to snuggle up to Joaquin and put my icy feet onto his warm ones.  Not any more.  I'm sure a lot of my new found warmth is because I have to wear these lovely compression hose all day, but I love crawling into bed at night already toasty.  Now it's Joaquin who snuggles up to me.
  6. Having a Goal.  I know that might sound cheezy but it's true.  When I trained for the marathon I loved having something to work towards and plan for.  Well this pregnancy is by far harder than the marathon and it has even better rewards.
  7. Feeling movement.  This is my 5th child and I am still in awe every time she moves.  Sometimes it really isn't pleasant but it always reassures me that she's alive and well in there.
  8. When she gets the hick ups.  I love the hick ups!  Last Sunday I had one of those "aha" moments you store away in your heart forever.  She got the hick ups and every one of my children was able to put their hand on my belly and feel her move.  I looked up at Joaquin on the stand and just grinned like an idiot.
  9. How excited my other children are.  I don't think there is a single toy I could buy them that would make them smile more than when we announced they were going to get another sibling.  Every time Shelby prays she first thanks Heavenly Father for her new little sister.  She can't wait not to be the baby any more.  Quinn & Jessi still fight over who gets to hold her first and Josh is looking for a new wrestling buddy.
  10. And the last reason I love being pregnant is . . . Joaquin takes special care of me.  I love being a strong, independent woman, but when I'm pregnant I also love letting that all go and just being whimpy.  He helps with laundry, straightens up the house when I'm gone, lifts everything heavy, gets the kids to help more, rubs my feet, encourages me to lay down for a while, asks me how I'm feeling, and my favorite - he prays for me and our baby every single time I hear him pray.  I truly am grateful for this opportunity to see his gentle side and think I'm going to ease up on the whole "anything you can do, I can do better" theory.  I'm kind of liking being treated like a girl.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Family Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween!  Don't be scared by this fearful Ninja-this year I made sure the swords were fake (and just in case I didn't even have him wear them to Pre-School - check out my last year's Halloween post to understand).  We stopped by Napa, since Joaquin was working, to show off their costumes before hitting the 1st & 2nd Ward trunk or treat.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays and I usually hate trunk or treats because I think it really takes away from being a good neighbor.  I know some people don't agree that asking for candy from your neighbors is kind, but I genuinely love going door to door.  All my neighbors love seeing the kids & I love handing out candy.  Well this year I have to say that I loved the trunk or treat.  My kids were old enough to walk around without me so I was able to sit in the trunk and hand out candy.  My legs didn't hurt, I didn't have contractions, it was perfect!


I had to show this picture of Jessi because she is just such a gorgeous green witch regardless of the warts she had me put on her (they were her favorite part of the costume!)

Here's a shot of the whole gang at the Napa store.  Josh really wanted face paint since all the girls got glitter, eye shadow, etc.  So I tried to draw on a "skull" then he added blood dripping from his nose & lips.

I wanted to catch a picture of Josh at pre-school with Shelby.  She just wants to be so big and go with him.  The really fun part is that he loves Shelby to be there too.  He always begs her to get dressed in the morning so she can come play for the first half hour of free time.

It was a really busy Wednesday as we had Josh, Jessi, & Quinn's Halloween Parties.  Here is Jessi's party where I got to be the cool Mom because we played "Boo Bingo."  I still love that no matter which child's party we go to - they absolutely love when their siblings come to visit.  As you can tell Jessi pulled up 2 chairs, shared all of her candy, and even took them with her on the little "costume parade."
I realize this post is a little backwards, but for FHE we carved pumpkins and boy did our kids get into it.  Joaquin has always loved making really cool, complicated ones so I buy those great books with the tools included.  I'm a little worried I might be turned into Child Protection Services for admitting this, but after Shelby bent 3 or the 4 of the little knives that came in the kit - we just handed her a steak knife and let her at it.  I carved the front and she made an "earring."


Dad helped Josh do the "Dracula" and you can see how proud he was of it.


This was a picture of Quinn's cat (I know it's shocking she picked  that one huh?)

 Here of course is the coolest Dracula ever.

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