Thursday, July 1, 2010

So much to do in the summertime!

We have to start with Happy Birthday (June 7) to my lively Jessi and her twin cousin Avery.  We are lucky enough to live only 45 minutes away so we have celebrated their birthdays together every year.  Jessi wants me to add that these beautiful girls were only 43 minutes apart 9 years ago.  
Here is the whole crazy bunch of Brown's & Smith's - we really know how to party, can't you tell?
All Jessi wanted was a "surprise" cake.  It had to be decorated with only white frosting so no one would guess . . .
It was really a rainbow inside!  There is a wonderful recipe I found from my sister's website

Jessi: I saw a rainbow cupcake and it made me get the idea of having a rainbow birthday cake, pretty cool huh? Jessi out

This picture cracks me up.  I know you think he's sooo happy to be fishing, but actually he's freezing.  Josh has been begging to go fishing for weeks now.  The one day we all finally could go it rained the whole time, but he was determined to love it and still smiled the whole time.
Here is my amazing Halle with her favorite toy - the binki.  These last few weeks she has figured out how to grab everything.  It makes my life lots easier (at night - because she can put her binki back in) but a little messier during the day (because she can grab all my food, hair, & clothes).

 These last 4 days I've babysat 2 of my sister Lisa's kids while she was at Girls Camp.  We have loved having them.  This is Jessi, Egypt Baby (Halle), & Ally.  Ally is right in between Quinn & Jessi in age and Max is right between Josh & Shelby.  Needless to say there was always a cousin around to play with.
Joaquin's sister, Mindi, and her family came to visit from New York and we have all been enjoying the summer sunshine.  Yesterday we got out the slip n slides, pools, & water balloons.  Today we enjoyed Indian Springs for a few hours.  Everyone is a little red, but so happy.  We are off to Evanston for the Fourth of July to enjoy some more family bonding!  (Jessi wants me to write - Sarah OUT!)