Monday, May 16, 2011

Just a whole bunch of fun

These pix are a little out of order but hey, you get the idea right?!?  Easter went by in a flash.
 For Spring Break my friend Tiffani & I drove with our kids (8 in all) up to Washington to visit our sisters.  We loved it!  Here's Shelby & Noah loving each other.
 Jayda & Jessi being soooo cool.
 Ian & Josh playing whatever electronic games they could.
 Quinn & Lexi even went to a Zumba exercise class with us at the YMCA.
 For a quick little weekend away - Amanda, Jesalee, & I went to Vegas.  We treated ourselves to the Bellagio (just gorgeous) and Cirque de Sol "O."  It was amazing!

 Its become a tradition that Joaquin takes Josh to the Monster Truck Show at the Holt Arena.  This year Shelby & I went too.  She was ready to go home after about an hour but the concessions saved her.
Joaquin even splurged & we all got to ride in this Monster Truck for about 60 seconds.  Woo hoo!
 Women's Conference down in Provo was short but sweet this year.  My friends Deena & Shy came with me from Am. Falls and we met Dana, Mom, Mindy, Lisa, & Amy there.
 Quinn is in an "I hate pictures" mood lately so this is the only one I could snap of her at her piano recital this year.
 These are my so wish it was summer kids.  I think the temp was around 60 degrees this day but they were determined to soak up the sun (in the driveway.)
Jessi had her Gymnastic Program that she absolutely loved!  She got a medal & a trophy.
 Jessi also performed a dance solo at her school talent show.  She rocked at the dance she choreographed herself.  She had cartwheels, walk overs, splits - it made me tired just watching.
For Mother's Day Weekend we took our "new to us" Motor Home on its maiden voyage to Glenns Ferry.  Jesalee & Kade rode with us so we had cousins & friends to visit with the whole way.  I can't remember the last time I sat on the floor with my kids for 2 & 1/2 hours reading books, building with legos, & talking.  Its definitely good for me, next time I'm thinking I'll drive and make it "good for Joaquin."
Glenns Ferry was pretty cold & rainy so everyone crammed in the hot tub to get warm & have fun.
Jesalee, Donna, Quinn, Jessi, & I met up with family & friends in Boise to see the musical "Wicked."  I thought it was just fabulous.  The sets, costumes, and of course the music was amazing. Can you tell Emily & I try to use any excuse possible to hang out more often?
Shelby & Jade had Pre School Graduation this last Saturday.  It was pretty painful for lots of us.  They sang 14 songs (Shelby was yawning by the 5th or 6th), Halle cried most of the time, and Kristin was in New York delivering the newest cousin during the show!  Why do we do "programs" again?!?

 Oh that's why, because Shelby was just so dang happy to be the center of attention for the day.  What a cutie!