Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day or 4th of July - It's hard to tell

Glenns Ferry is still a party town for the Smith's.  I mean where else can you ride 4 wheelers, shoot guns, watch fireworks, swim (if you're hot blooded like Quinn), etc, etc.  We love bringing friends so enjoy these next pix and come with us next time!
Here's the whole motley crew hanging out watching the kids light off the fireworks.  We had a full house with Dennis & Donna, Shay & Diana, Kade & Jesalee, Jared & Kara Colucci (their daughter's Ella & Hayden too), Casidy & Brenton Robison, and even Cruz Serna for one night.  It was kind of a family NAPA party.

I'm sure every son loves their Dad as much as Josh loves Joaquin but it just hard to believe.  I've accepted the fact that I will always be the second best play mate.  I mean I never offer to go shoot guns, light fireworks, or ride the 4-wheeler.  I'm ok with that.  I think Joaquin's pretty great too.
Everyone had a blast outside and slept like rocks when they stumbled into bed.
The 4 Wheeler's are still a favorite for every age of kid.  Here's a shot of Kade even though his head is just too big to fit the helmet, of course we already knew that.
Anyone who knows Donna also knows she can't sit still - ever.  So here was the big project of the weekend - chopping down a huge pine tree and getting the ground ready for sod.  All the visitors & sons were able to show off their big muscles and Donna was so grateful.
Of course us girls just got to sit around and visit, color coordinate our jackets, lounge by the pool . . . uh huh.
Halle found her tongue to be a really cool toy.
Shelby still thinks Halle is the best toy in the whole world.  Her face literally lights up when she hears Halle and runs to "get her" before I can.
Shelby thinks it's awesome that Halle loves applesauce, just like her.  So this day I decided to relax and let Shelby feed her.  One bite Halle, two bites Shelby - it was a riot.
Here is Josh enjoying a ride on Uncle Bart's new ride.  We kidnapped Chelsea & Avery for a night while Dana & Bart went cruisin. 
This last pix is of the kids enjoying our favorite "family" toy - Nerf guns.  Sorry Mom, I know you never liked guns when I was growing up but we have had more laughter and fun with these cheap toys!  Joaquin will hide around corners and attack, Chelsea & Josh chased each other around all 3 levels of the house, even Quinn who would rather watch tv than anything will jump up and get in the game.  Summer Vacation Rules!