Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy 7th to Josh!

So here is our cool cake this year.  Isn't it awesome?  Josh likes to dream big, what can I say?
 We had a family party the night before his actual birthday where he opened a Napa remote control truck (shocker huh?)
 He asked if I would pick him & some friends up in the motor home from school on his birthday.  "Could we each have out own pop & eat chips too?"  I love it when requests are that simple.
They loved 'surfing' & not having to wear seatbelts - I'm just cool like that.
 We only had one boy fall in the fish pond (Spencer) and had to hold him back from trying to get back in to play with the fish, "I'm already wet."
 Josh did invite a few girls but I don't think Ally will come next year . . .
 Spencer was trying to save her, not help.  It's no wonder why Josh gets into trouble for teasing his sisters so much, he learns from the master.

 This last pix was of Shelby in front of her "alphabet art."  Every day for the first 26 days she gets to do an art project for a, b, c. etc.  We've been taping them to her door & wall when it was full.  On her 26th day she was so excited to put up Z & I promised to take this pix since Halle loves to pull them off as fast as I put them up.