Saturday, August 22, 2009

Great New Pics

I threatened Joaquin that his posterity will always think of him as a grouch if he never smiled in pictures. After I cried shamelessly and promised him not to get pregnant again we actually had a few "happy" pictures this year. Actually I just learned how much he enjoys a good "goose" before a picture. Makes him smile every time.

Here is actually a great picture of all Joaquin's family. I realize it's obvious to everyone why I chose Joaquin, he is by far the best looking - don't you think?

We were just having too much fun as sisters & in laws. I realize this sounds awful cheazy but these women are some of my best friends. We love to laugh together & this year we cried - everyone broke down as I ordered them around from my position of power on the couch.

We were able to coerce my sweet sister-in-law Amanda to be our photographer this year at our Smith family reunion. The only problem, she took over 1200! It took me over 2 hours to finally choose my favorites and save them so I hope you'll enjoy them.