Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring is Here!

Even if the weather keeps shifting from warm to cold - my family is determined it's spring.  Halle loves driving the famous Escalade - although steering is still optional, so I have to be walking next to her.
 Shelby just loves her bike & boy is she fast!
 Our neighbor has a dog (Paige) that my kids just love.  It's the perfect relationship - pet for about 5 minutes, go home.  Ahhhh.
 Last weekend we went to Glenns Ferry & had a blast with cousins.  I know it's hard to see but we have Jade, Josh, Shelby, Jared, Jaysen, Quinn, Jessi, Halle, & Jentry all squeezed in the hot tub.  Wow!

 Joaquin starts the love of motorcycles young.  Halle would cry and follow the dust of whoever took off.  We even started potty training Halle with the promise of a 4 wheeler ride.  Powerful Potty Treats!
 Jessi is quite allergic to horses but you'd never know it.  She pops a Claritin & calls Aunt Jamie begging for horse rides.
 Josh found a best friend in Jared.  Whatever motorcycle, dune buggie, or 4 wheeler Josh wanted to take for a spin - Jared sacrificed and went with him.
 I just loved this picture of Donna with Shelby & Zoe.  She's just so dang happy in Glenns Ferry!
 Jessi passed Aunt Jami's test of riding solo and right away she wanted to give rides to Halle.
 This is Jordan, Quinn, & Jacey getting ready to make us a yummy treat.
 I asked Kade to snap a picture of me so I could prove that I was in Glenns Ferry.
 Zoe was a little timid at first but she finally caved to the peer pressure of Halle.  They loved the Dune Buggy.
 I just love being with this man!
 Here is Shelby, she's just so proud to be old enough for the motorcycle.  Mom still tries not to be nervous - she is a tad accident prone you know . . .
Joaquin & Josh chillin on the swing.  I wonder how many pix I have on my blog of this very swing - from rocking babies to sleep, to chatting with Donna for hours, and even snuggling with Joaquin.  Lots of great memories on this swing.  I can't wait to have one of these on the porch of our new house.