Friday, November 9, 2012

School Fun 2012

 Here's a quick shot of Halle's "cheeze" shot.  My sister Lisa told me how she tries to eat lunch at school with her younger kids once a month.  So Halle & I did Art Mom for Shelby's class then stayed for lunch one day.  Halle loved all the attention but wouldn't hold anybody's hand but Shelby's (which Shelby just loved!)
 I know this shot is fuzzy but I so enjoyed going on Jessi's field trip to the Idaho Falls Museum "King Tut" exhibit.
 This is one of my favorite field trips - the 1st grade Corn Maze & Fire Station.  Shelby was so good to let Halle do everything she did, awww.
 They both enjoyed dressing up as a fireman.

 Mrs. Hoag's 1st grade class after they blasted the horns!
 Josh on his 1st day of cub scouts -he loved the Halloween crafts.
 After the Tough Mudder we took all the kids to "The Fun Center" in Lehi.

 I made Quinn pose for at least 1 picture with me.
 Joaquin was the kind of "Frog Hopper."  It was the kids favorite.
Jessi loved climbing the indoor wall.  Josh followed her tough example.  All in all a fun family date!