Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Raptor Reef

We loved going to Raptor Reef with the Lankfords over the weekend. It was a long car ride (about 8 hours each way) but we used cb radios and traded kids back & forth. It was great fun but one of my favorite parts was how kid friendly this place was. There are free tubes laying everywhere, free life jackets, the life guards were actually nice & smiled at you when you're 2 year old got so excited she actually ran (heaven forbid) between the kiddie pool & the hot tub. Josh was just an inch or two shy of the minimum height requirement for the "big" slides and the lifeguard just told Joaquin he should go get him a pair of inch high water shoes & she'd let them sneak down together. Wow, they'd never hire her Ross Park!

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Raptor Reef

Our first official family trip was a hit. Connected to the indoor water park was a place called "Triple Play." They had bowling (with push button bumpers & these great ball launchers), lots of games (Shelby's favorite was the balls, Quinn spent all of her money trying to grab stuffed animals - she finally caught this teddy bear), laser tag, miniature golf, and even a rock wall Jessi loved climbing. Dad was pretty happy to play every game the kids wanted to play, but my favorite was when he held Josh on his shoulders for this last one.

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