Monday, January 31, 2011

Shelby celebrated at the Aquarium

 Let me just say I know the pix quality isn't very good in these shots (my cell phone camera does great outdoors but not so well inside).  Last week we took Shelby down for her last check up with Dr. Patel and it went great.  She still has a 10% limitation on her eye movement but Dr. Patel could see from the Cat Scan it was from scar tissue that will soften with time, yahoo.  We'll check back with him in 2 years.  We were there for 2 hours - this time I came prepared with a bag full of books, crayons, & treats.  It's a challenge keeping her entertained & willing to do what they ask but we survived.  Shelby colored a beautiful picture of her holding Dr. Patel's hand standing under a rainbow with a bright yellow sun & green grass.  He was a bit blown away and told me how grateful he was.  He doesn't see many children I guess & told Shelby he would take it home to hang in his office that night.

I surprised my other kids & checked them out of school early on Tuesday & brought them with us to Grandma Sally's.  They played with cousins for hours and then after Shelby's check up we all went to a little Aquarium in Sandy, Ut.  It was perfect - not big enough to worry about losing anybody, not too small that they were bored.

 Quinn said I needed to be in a pix since I made her be in the pix above.
 I know it's hard to see but that's an octopus - it was quite freaky if you ask me!
 Josh was a crab, I mean Josh with a crab.
 Shelby loved the hands on display (shocker right?)
 They had a giant pond you could actually reach your hand in and pet the sting rays.
 Jessi was the bravest touching little water snakes.
 Quinn took this shot of the penguins.  She must be getting older because she absolutely hates being in pictures but loves taking them.

 She was hoping to speak parsel tongue & make the glass disappear, maybe after her 11th birthday?
 Halle kept being naughty & tapping on the glass, but how do you tell that sweet face no?
 Josh waited forever (his words) for this shot.  The sword fish just had to be in the pix with him but that fish was fast!
We're so grateful for Shelby's recovery & the trips that ended up being fun because Grandma & Grandpa always make them that way.

Humans weren't meant to Hibernate

 I just love that title, don't you?  Just because it's freezing cold doesn't mean life shuts down around here.  It's been a great January for us filled with skiing.  Joaquin talked us into season passes this year at Pomerelle Ski Resort and he has been bound and determined to get our money's worth out of it.  Our school district also does a great "Skills" program every Friday in January where 6th, 7th, & 8th graders get to pick something to learn.  They can do a whole page of activities like rock climbing, scuba diving, gymnastics, & you guessed it . . . skiing.  I got to go with Quinn twice & Joaquin went twice - we loved it!

 You've heard of our good friend the Lankford's before & here is Quinn's friend Logan.  He, Quinn, & I skied the "big lift" at Pebble Creek all day Friday.  It's hard to see but this is the top of the mountain and there was just a beautiful blanket of clouds covering the entire valley.

 Saturday Kade & Jesalee joined us for a double date skiing.  We loved it & felt like kids racing each other down the mountain.  Of course I won, with the snow boarding Joaquin close on my tail, followed by Jesalee (who kept getting cut off by her hubby), and Kade very very very last.  Better luck next time buddy. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cozy Christmas & Freezing New Years

It was a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year for us!  Halle was the first awake this year (at around 7 - wow!)
Her favorite toy was candy canes - and wrapping paper (big surprise)
 Josh loved his Monster Truck K'nex, a remote control alien space ship, & scooter.
 Quinn stocked up on books (she wants to be just like her cousin Mallory - a beautiful book worm), make-up, & an IPod docking station.
 Here is my hunk of a man in his new jacket.  His favorite present has been everyone's favorite this year: Magnetic BuckyBalls. (ba bang! Love it when I surprise him with something he loves) If you want a small, quiet toy that your hubby can use to stay awake in church - this is it (it only got loud when everyone was asking if it was their turn yet).  You can check them out on u tube & if you're interested.
 Shelby's favorite toy hands down was "Baby Alive" this year, but a close second was the Dora bath paint set.  I don't think Halle liked it as much though.
Jessi stocked up on Design Stuff, clothes, & a scooter.
 Anyone who knows us, knows how much we love our backyard.  We built a tree house, a fire pit, laid tons of new sod & a sprinkler system just so we can enjoy hanging out there more.  You might think because it's close to zero degrees & the dead of winter our love of the backyard has diminished?  Wrong!  So this Christmas it came as no surprise when Joaquin said, "Hey, who wants to go build a huge bonfire with all the wrapping paper & boxes?"  I'm thinking this might be a new family tradition.
 I realize you'll think I'm a putzy Mom but my kids love cups.  Even before "Minute to Win it" my kids love to stack up those Costco cups, so here's a few of their creations.
Happy New Year!  Josh still begs for Fireworks every night so New Year's we decided to make his dreams come true.  It was about 4 degrees & windy so he lit off one then said, "Dad, you can light off the rest, I'm going to watch from inside."  Yeah right!  Joaquin lit the last few all together & we all hurried inside.
 I just had to put this beautimus pix of all that crazy hair in (Tatum & Zoe eat your heart out).  None of my kids have walked or crawled for that matter much before they're one year old, but they all have grown gorgeous hair!
 Just loved this pix of Quinn making her smile.
 We didn't get to our gingerbread houses until after Christmas but it made for a tasty treat (since none of them stayed upright very long).

 Cousin Zoe & Halle playing with Ty.
This is the last one, I promise.  Look at that stinker!  She just loves to sneak over & sink her hands into that dark brown dirt (she must have some of Grandma Donna in her).  She doesn't ever eat it but she loves to play with it between her fingers.  

Side note, she has said a few words that make us all smile:  Uh-oh (first), dada (second), and as of yesterday Jessi.  You should have seen Jessi's face light up when she said it for the first time.  No mama yet, but I think I'll survive.

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