Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daddy Daze

For those of you who know Shelby and how much she loves Joaquin - it makes this picture all the more amazing. For some reason tonight she danced with him, wrestled him, and even asked for Dad to put her to bed. I took this picture to prove how much she loves him for tomorrow or the next day when she changes her mind again. What can I say, she's a typical woman.

If you'll remember how my little man loves crafts-on President's Day when everyone was home he begged to make Pinata's. So we got out the glue, balloons, & paper. This was Quinn's (we're drying it) and if you can't see what's written on the tape, it says, "This balloon was made by Quinn, who gave it to her Dad Joaquin." Quinn really liked Dad's message, can't you tell?

This is Josh showing off. He too wanted to be with Dad at NAPA today, we're not sure if it was Dad's cologne or what, but I sure loved it. And it was nice for Dad to feel loved by someone other than me!

I had to include this picture of my trooper Jessi. Last Monday we took her into the doctor where they found out she had strep throat, then she started to get these weird soars on her nose and right below her eye. So Wednesday we took her back to Dr. Timmons and found out she probably had a Staff Infection too. So she's been home from school all last week because she's contageous. She missed Jump Roap for Heart (which she loves), her Valentine Class Party, Gymnastics, and her last tournament Basketball game (but they made it to championship so she'll get to play this Saturday). Today was her first day back to school and she was soooo excited. When she woke up this morning she had a few dots on her stomach that I thought was just a contact rash, so I put on some Hydrocordizone Cream, gave her a dose of Benadryl and sent her to school. When she came home at 3:30 she was covered from head to toe in dots. I tried hard not to laugh out loud-what a wreck! So she's off the antibiotic now & the doctor is hoping it was just a reaction to it. In this picture Joaquin's been tickeling and giving her a new nick name - Rash - don't you just want to tackle him sometimes.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

What a hottie!
I especially love the leg lift, was that choreographed?

Can I just say how proud I am of this girl? This is my 15 year old niece, Kiah Brown who's a freshmen at Blackfoot High landed the lead role in "The Sound of Music!" Around 40 family members including cousins, uncles & aunts, and grandparents came too ooh & ahh for Kiah Brown last Saturday. The cousins (including Jessi & Quinn) just wanted to see her kiss a boy!!! Jessi thought it would be so embarrassing to have to kiss a boy in front of your parents, but most of the other cousins (and uncles) just hollered loud enough to raise the roof. But being the practiced professional that Kiah was - she smiled a little longer than normal and went right on with her lines. Needless to say she had warned her Captain Von Trapp of her boisterous & large extended family. That sounds an awful lot like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" doesn't it?
So here's a few snapshots of the amazing Kiah Brown (and Dana since she made most of her costumes & rehearsed lines over & over again). When the musical started around 20 nuns walked on stage singing, my sister Lisa leans over and says, "Kiah beat out everyone of those nuns for this part." No pressure though. But Dana's comment was my favorite. She told Kiah to be sooo nice to those nuns. When Kiah asked why she responded, "Because I was always a nun and never Maria." Isn't that the truth?!?