Monday, September 26, 2011

In case you missed Josh's "Harry Potter spaghetti arm"

We love soccer right?!?
Here's a pix before soccer.  See Josh?  Surrounded by beautiful girls, smiling, strong unbroken bones.
 Here is Josh after soccer - OUCH!  He had just scored the winning goal when out of no where a giant of a boy (I think he had facial hair) came and kicked his arm while wearing cleats!  Ok, ok so maybe that's not exactly how it happened.  But it makes a much better story right?  Actually he had just finished playing his first soccer game and fell off the monkey bars at the park, bummer right?
 He's a trooper though.  He broke both bones in his lower arm (as you can tell).  Everyone told him he looked just like Harry Potter when the bones in his arm were zapped away.  The ER staff tried to "set" it at the hospital that night but couldn't get it just right.
 So 2 days later we went into surgery where they sedated him to set it correctly & put a pin in it, poor kid.  He still loves soccer (thanks a lot Ross - I'm blaming the whole Showalter clan you know) and hasn't let his cast stop him from anything yet.

Family Camping to Scout Mountain

Joaquin has been bugging me lately to go on "one last" camping trip in RV.  So this last weekend I finally caved.  I don't mean to be a stick in the mud but camping (from a mom's perspective) is just plain hard work.  You pack food, clothing, cooking utensils, bikes, flashlights, sleeping bags, camp chef, propane, need I go on?  Then when you get home it feels like an infinite amount of laundry. 
But having said that - I'm glad I relented.  It was was beautiful place and we enjoyed being together.  Scout Mountain is only about 45 min. away so the kids were pretty mellow for the trip.  It helped that we stopped in Poky to buy a few last supplies & treated the kids to "Five Guys."  Great way to start a trip by the way - on a full stomach.

 I know this pix is in front of our house but I wanted to show you the "new to us" toy (thanks to my sister Amy).  It's a little bike that attaches to one of ours.  Shelby thinks it rocks and we used it many times up and around Scout Mnt.
 The kids loved picking lots of flowers & taking walks.
Jessi was my "poser" this trip, always asking me to take pix of her.

 Quinn is taking a photography class this trimester & snapped a few of us with the sunset.
 Man, I still look hot without make up or a shower don't I?
 Josh's bike is too hard to shift gears with his cast but he didn't want to miss out on the biking.  He swallowed his pride & rode Shelby's so he could cross the water.
 Finally I capture Quinn in a pix.
 Shelby posing with her bouquet & her dreamy expression.
 Jessi loved this pix, we just finished eating smores and it looks like she has blood trickling down her chin (it's really chocolate - she went around pretending to bite our necks).  Great trip and still loving the big blue beast of an RV!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quick question

Ok friends - I posted this on facebook but wondered if lots of you were like me and check your blog more than FB.  So here's my question.
I've been doing this crazy Halloween Party for the last few years & need your opinion. I'm planning the party for Friday, Oct. 21st @6pm in Lava. We'll zipline, chase clues, soak in the hot pools & end at a hotel. 
Joaquin thinks we should do the hotel on Friday night but do the party on Saturday around 2pm so we can have longer to zipline, chase clues, etc. then go home late Saturday - 
Which would you prefer?
I think people will ditch the hotel & just show up on Saturday @2.  What do you think?  Should I just cut out the hotel all together & plan a longer party on Saturday?  It would be cheaper.  Thanks -

Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to School 2011

Well this summer has been loads of fun but I'm so grateful that all my kids wanted to go back to school.  I was ready too.  I snapped a few fun close ups of them before church & of course on the first day of school.  As a side note - we sold our rental!!! We are so happy with our new neighbors & it went so well.  It cost a whopping $13 to record the deed of ownership transfer, wow and we are done!
 Shelby (5)
 Jessi (10)
 Quinn (12)
Halle (1)
Josh (6)
 Here's the whole beautiful (and handsome Josh) crew.
 Shelby was still asleep (I love afternoon kindergarten) or she would be in the pix too.
 Just look at that smile - she picked out this sparkly dress/long shirt outfit and couldn't wait to wear it.
 She begged to ride her bike to school the first day, until about half way when she cried & told me it took too long. 
Isn't that just a great shot of Quinn?  We went as a family to cheer for her first away game in Marsh Valley last night.  They won all 4 games and she even made points on a few of her serves, what a woman!  Note to the wise, never bring the little siblings to "cheer" for older ones for 2 hours - it got boring & even ugly for a while.  It always sounds good in my head . . .