Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A few more summer memories and now . . . school!

Well here's our fun bunch of kids!  They are holding up the grade they are in this year.  Halle just thought she was suppose to raise her hand :)
And here's a few last minute summer pix.  Grandma Sally surprised Jessi with her very own quilt!  She makes one for each grandchild & Jessi has been patiently waiting (well sort of) her turn.  It's just beautiful & green - her favorite color. 
We get lots of chances to hang out with Grandma Donna & Grampa Dennis!  This summer was no different - here's some fun pix of a Sunday afternoon up in East Fork.  We had tin foil dinners, smores, picked choke cherries, soaked our feet in the creek.

Every August we get to pick, shuck, cook, & freeze corn grown from the Glenns Ferry ranch.  Jesalee & Dennis picked it all this year and then we tortured our children into helping again.

 Summer wouldn't be the same without cousins.  We had Avery & Chelsea for a few days, then Max & Ally, and always Jade, Ty, & Zoe.  We love cousins!

 Quinn made an epic journey into braces!  She was such a good sport & can't wait to get them over with. 
 All my kids are excited to be back with their friends in school this year.  Here's one of my favorite pix of Shelby & Sienna. 

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Gabriel Fam said...

Looks like you guys had a fun summer.